ZEELOT UV Sanitizing for handphones (KILL GERMS) Box with Wireless Charging function

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zeelot 10w fast charge


wireless charger , multi-function uv disinfection kills germs


kills 99.99% bacteria

Good for phone sanitising as we all tend to use it always and prone to germs/bacteria

UV light to disinfect a personal device, such as a phone, makes less sense than disinfecting something that is likely to come into contact with germs from multiple people. β€œThe germs on your phone are most likely the same germs that are normally found on your hands,” says Berezow. Since most people touch their phones thousands of times a day, killing those germs is rendered pointless once you pick it up and start swiping again. That said, if you are washing your hands a ton because of coronavirus, you should also be cleaning your phone β€” preferably before cleaning your hands. You can do that with an alcohol or Clorox wipe


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