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Oral Irrigator Dental Portable Water Jet Flosser with 4 Type Nozzle Cleaner

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  • 3 modes with 7 gears, best for different conditions of teeth, intensity selection mode matches different tooth states, more protection for gums from bleeding.
  • Added point shooting mode to wash away stubborn tooth stains.
  • More flexible use: nozzles support 360-degree rotation, deep into the mouth in all directions, more flexible to use.
  • Strong pulse water flow, 0.6mm of fine pulsed water will penetrate into the crevices of teeth, flush away food residues, and a hygienic and clean oral environment can effectively prevent dental plaque and other oral problems.
  • 1300 pulsed power per minute, stable flushing of tooth dirt.
  • 4-function jet nozzles which can clean the mouth in a comprehensive and delicate way. Equipped with nozzle storage box, easy to store, clean and hygienic
  • ype-c fast rechargeable and long endurance of 80 days for convenient travel without frequent charging.
  • FDA food grade certification, safe and reliable, safe to use
  • PX7 waterproof and can be washed all over to keep clean,fully washable and convenient to use while taking a bath or shower. Removes more stains and plaque than an ordinary oral irrigator. Purchase now this ideal gift choice for your family and friends.
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