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Soocas H5 Anion Quick Dry Hair Dryer 1800W

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Quality hair is natural and volumizing.
SOOCAS H5 has powerful wind with creative air outlet wind-gathering design.
The thermostat prevents temperature from being too high to damage hair scales.
Dual-channel output of 10 million negative ions, can reduce static electricity, make your hair smooth and shiny.
Seamless and screwless body, upper half is made of aluminum alloy, which highlight quality and reduce surface temperature.
Simple fashion design is a perfect combination of aesthetics and technology.
Dual-channel output negative ions with 30 million high-concentration
6 large fan blades equipped with 20,000 rpm motor brings salon-level air volume
1800w high power, quick-drying without hurting hair
Alternating hot and cold circulation wind mode to avoid the accumulation of heat in the hair and tighten the hair scales
4 blowing modes, one button to switch
Honeycomb mesh design to prevent hair from getting entanglement
Exquisite metal aluminum barrel design

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