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Deerma ZC10 Electric Breakfast Maker Multi-function Toaster with Frying Pan

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  • 3 in 1 Ping Bun, fried, steamed, all in one.
  • Able to cook a wide variety of breakfast dishes at the same time
  • Toaster oven Both thin and thick bread can be added, and the 360 ° heat distribution keeps the bread hot evenly
  • the steamer comes with a clear lid. With ventilation holes Allows to heat evenly all parts.
  • Can set the cooking time
  • A special coating pan. Helps food not stick to the pan Reduce oil consumption And leave no residue
  • complete protection system that covers all applications Safe every time you cook
  • the toaster oven and pan are clearly separated. A choice of applications
  • omes with a mold for making fried eggs.
  • crumb tray Helps to keep bread crumbs from leaving in the toaster oven
  • The pin-hole keeps steamed eggs from cracking. Or explode when exposed to high heat.
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