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  • xiaomi-deerma-ct500-510l-smart-non-fog-humidifier-mijia-app-remote-control-silent-constant-temperature-mist-free-default-deerma-509501_1800x1800

Deerma CT500 510L Smart Non-fog Humidifier

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Top Spider Type Shunt Design: The spider-type water separator on the top of the filter element divides the water into 15 channels, and accelerating the evaporation of water.

● 510mL/h Double Humidification Capacity: Optimize waterway design, bring double increment moisture content.

● 21 Layers to Purify the Water: It has strong self-cleaning ability, and intercepts water source impurities and avoids air pollution after evaporation.

● 62mm Thick Design: It can effectively absorb pollutant when the air passes through. The 62mm thick design further enhances the air cleaning effect.

● Tap Water Can be Add: Blocking sand/rust/particulate matter, etc., tap water can be cleaned and humidified without white powder pollution.

● APP Remote Control: With one button, adjust the humidification amount, not limited by distance, and remind you to add water if the water level is too low.

● Intelligent Constant Humidity: The non-fog humidifier has a built-in sensor to continuously monitor indoor humidity, automatically adjust air volume.

● 6 Gear Adjustment: The conventional 4 levels of humidification capacity increase sequentially, and provide 2 kinds of constant humidity mode.
● 3.6L Water Tank Capacity: Humidification for up to 22 hours, no need to add water before going to bed.

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