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USB C Type C 3.1 HUB 3.0 2.0 Multi 4 Port Splitter Adapter For Samsung Macbook Pro Air Pc Computer Notebook

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For Samsung Macbook Pro Air Pc Computer Notebook

Suitable for type-c port computer and mobile phone data transmission expansion, standard USB3.0 theory 5Gbps high-speed transmission, can actually SUB2.0 multi-port expansion, such as: mouse, keyboard connection, peripheral device connection, downlink to the mobile phone through the USB portMulti-port splitting such as charging.
Design highlights:
1. Fine craftsmanship, all-aluminum body.
2. Mini portable and easy to carry.
3. Meet the multi-port expansion requirements of the device.

Performance characteristics:
1.USB3.0*1 theoretical speed 5Gbsp, standard USB3.0.
2.USB2.0*3 theoretical speed 480Mbps, standard USB2.0, to meet the needs of multi-port expansion.

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