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Ruark Audio RA-R5-WAL R5 High Fidelity Music System Rich Walnut

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Whether you want to wirelessly stream or want to connect a turntable or TV, R5 has it covered. For direct streaming, R5’s aptX HD Bluetooth receiver provides above CD quality from compatible devices and with a broadband connection you’ll have access to internet radio stations worldwide and an infinite library of music through services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and Tidal. Moreover, with both analogue and digital inputs it’s also easy to connect and enjoy other devices. In particular R5 makes a great sound system for TVs.


We pride ourselves on our visual design but with our high-fidelity heritage, we know that it’s what’s beneath the surface that really counts! We are proud to say that we are hands-on with every aspect of our products design, spending endless hours debating and evaluating to create what we believe are the finest available. As an example, R5 uses a high capacity linear power supply with Class A-B amplifiers and active electronics and equalisation to precisely control the loudspeaker units. This technology is usually only found in specialist high value audio equipment.


With its powerful sound R5 will fill your room with music, but with its ‘multi-room’ capabilities it’s easy to wirelessly link and sync with our other internet enabled models such as MRx and R7 Mk3 to provide synchronised sound wherever you want it around your home. Linking and syncing with other units means that you can tailor the sound level around your home, just as you want, so whether you want to relax or party, with R5 you can do all this and more.

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