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NUARL Waterproof True Wireless Stereo Earphones NT110 【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】

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NUARL of the waterproof + sweat specifications which can wash in water-resistant

■ Waterproofing + perspiration resistance ability that is most suitable for sports
 The earphone body realizes high waterproofness and perspiration resistance of IPX7 by the combination of structure waterproofing and sweat filter-resistant.
 As washing in water *1 is possible even if I become dirty, you can use it at the time of the training by the outdoors getting wet in the rain and the gym breaking a sweat comfortably
 *It is limited to washing in water with 1 tap water. Please receive it after completely wiping off moisture by all means before putting it in the case when I wash in water. In addition, please quit the use at the place that is always buried in water including a shower and the pool.

■ A sound is strong to break off
 I adopt Bluetooth SoC "QCC3020" of Qualcomm company and balance reproduction with high communication stability for a long time.
 You can use the music reproduction that there are fewer delays, and is of high-quality sound by using a smartphone and an audio player equipped with aptX audio.

■ I fit intense movement
 I offer stable wearability in the sports scenes.
 Even if the ear loop which was designed to be stuck in the hollow of the rear of the earlobe puts on an earphone and works, it is stable.
 Gee, I prevent the fall of ear loop in itself by the stepped exterior of the wide mounting surface and earphone body of the loop.

■ It is reproduced for a long time
 I realize consecutive reproduction of the up to approximately 9.5 time only in the earphone body.
 With an attached charge case of approximately six times; as can charge it, reproduction is possible for long time of up to approximately 67 time (9.5*6+9.5).

■ Compact charge case
 The charge case reduced in size and weight by 25% is equipped with a magnet adsorption function in the storing of a lock and the earphone of the lid.
 It is equipped with the fast charging function to a case by the USB Type-C connection and can charge the charge to an earphone fully in approximately 1.5 hours.

■ TWS Plus correspondence
 It carries Qualcomm company's original right and left independence communication technology "TrueWireless Stereo Plus".
 The earphone of right and left is connected to a smartphone independently by using a correspondence smartphone and I am hard to cut connection more and can realize reproduction for a long time.

■ The sound that is most suitable for practice game
 The tuning that made much of a feeling of sound pressure of the low level with the small and light earphone.
 It is most suitable for the person and musical piece that 重低音再現 is liked that rhythm is made much of at the time of the exercise by the gym.

■ Graphene driver of 重低音再生仕様
 The exclusive driver unit coats the graphene of the carbon material which is harder than a diamond to a vibration board.
 It was equipped with a 6mm full-range speaker dynamic type driver for exclusive use of NT110.
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