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NUARL N6 Truly Wireless Stereo Earbuds - Gloss Black

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N6/N6PRO maintains the highest performance of the Nuarl true wireless Bluetooth earbud while paying more attention to the "sound quality". The driver is the most important component in the earbuds. We developed a special "NUARL DRIVER" with two new materials for the composite diaphragm. The Single pure audio earbud module equipped with this "NUARL DRIVER" is built directly into the wireless earbud body, forming a new concept of "machine in the machine", bringing you to an unexpected and wonderful enjoyment of sound. In addition, as a must-have item for daily life, we have adopted the three physical buttons on both sides and high-safety battery in consideration of the "convenience" and "safety" in use.

■Original dynamic driver "NUARL Driver N6":The φ6.0mm dynamic full-range driver "NUARL DRIVER [N6]", which uses the highest-grade neodymium magnet, has a unique magnetic circuit that suppresses thermal demagnetization caused by the long-term operation. Although the speaker is small, it produces a rich and clear sound with a sharp start-up.

■Combining analog and digital tuning:Using the know-how cultivated in the development of pure audio earphones, the driver had been stored in a metal case and modularized to enable the same analog toning as a wired earphone. Furthermore, by combining this module with digital toning, we make full use of the SoC's built-in DSP to achieve an unprecedented delicate sound quality tuning.

■N6 uses "NUARL DRIVER [N6] v3". On the rigid and flexible surface of a PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) diaphragm, a TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and titanium film deposition to form a "PTT multilayer diaphragm vibrating plate", show a clear and powerful wide sound field, covering the high range to the low range.

■High-quality sound by HDSS:By adopting the patented technology "HDSS" that reproduces clear sound quality and wide sound field. This prevents in-of-head sound localization caused by canalled type earphones, recreating natural sounds with thickness and spatial position.

■High connection stability by SoC "QCC3020":By adopting Qualcomm's Bluetooth SoC "QCC3020", we realized connection stability that resists sound interruption as a true wireless earbud.

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