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NOMAD Carbon Carabiner with USB-A to Lightning Connector, Black

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Carbon Carabiner is an ultra portable charging cable that doubles as a functional carabiner. Clip it on your bag or attach it to your keychain and always have a backup Lightning cable. Built with a carbon composite, this cable is designed for both emergencies and the minimalist traveler.

  • Fast charge and sync
  • Carbon Fiber reinforced frame
  • Apple MFi approved

The Horween Leather used on our products is a natural material that is expected to change in color and texture as a unique 'patina' is developed over time. Patina refers to how leather ages over time as the leather absorbs oils and is handled. We try our best to keep the Horween products in pristine condition until they arrive with the end customer. So, when the soft leather is first being used and scratches or marks appear, they may seem unwanted and not preferred. However, Nomad products are known for the patina process that enhances the leather with unique character specific to each customer. Most scratches to the surface of the leather will be buffed out in a few days naturally handling the product or you may expedite the patina process by rubbing some leather conditioner on the leather's surface.

The products are meant for daily use so that the oils from your hands are continuously buffing out the leather and enhancing the patina. However, if the case comes into contact with abrasive or harsh materials, just like any natural leather item, the leather may be damaged too deep to buff out back to a smooth texture. This would be considered cosmetic wear and tear.

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