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LIFAair LM99 High performance protective mask

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  • ***- Adult Pack is 10 pcs , Child Pack is 5pcs 
  • The pre-filter layer filters out larger particles and extends the life of the shield
  • The electret layer collects microbes and small particles
  • The filter bed made by the meltblow method collects PM2.5 and smaller particles
  • The antibacterial fibrous layer prevents the growth of microbes inside the mask

LIFAair LM99 Classification

Reaches easily the GB A-level protection

GB/T 32610-2016《Daily protective mask technical specifications

EZ Breathing • Easier Exhaling

The unique design of one-way exhaling valve reduces dramatically exhaling resistance
Improved comfortability

ComFitable • Professional

Designed following facial bone anatomy

Fits to Your face comfortably

Convenient Sealing

Soft cloth fits comfortable and prevents leakages
Everyday comfort with smooth finishing

Nasal supporting structure

Fits firmly with adjustable tip
Can be used with glasses without fogging

Equipped with a valve, the Lifa air LM99 is a state-of-the-art respirator that filters over 94% of small particles in the air, such as dust, microbes, viruses, pet dander and other allergens. The LM99 protector with a four-layer construction is equipped with a one-way exhalation valve, which reduces the exhalation resistance and makes the use of the protector more comfortable.

The Lifa air LM99 respirator takes the shape of a face and its sturdy construction allows for a good fit without pressing on the face. The protector is especially suitable for small / slender faces.

How To Use

Open the cover and place it with clean hands in front of the nose and mouth, with a metal section over the nose. Pull the straps crosswise behind your head. Position the protector comfortably and press the top of your nose as close to your face as possible. Only touch the mounting loops to remove the guard. Dispose of the shield safely in mixed waste. Wash your hands.

  • Filtration capacity ≥94%
  • Equipped with exhalation valve
  • Adjustable fastening buckles
  • Soft comfortable design
  • Size S, the protector is suitable for small faces
  • Skin-friendly, allergy-tested material
  • Made of fiberglass, nickel and latex free materials
  • Shelf life 5 years, store dry and protected from light
  • CE approved
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