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People counter ,FootFall ,Occupancy wireless Counter for Retail, Gym , F&B etc Singapore

S$ 700.00
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The device is designed to count visitors in closed rooms. The device consists of two parts: a transmitter, constantly emitting an invisible infrared ray to the eye, and a receiver receiving this beam. Parts of the device are placed on opposite walls (racks, storefronts, etc.), forming a passage through which it is planned to count visitors. The principle of operation of the device is based on the calculation of events recorded when the infrared ray overlaps the visitor crossing the passage. With the division of readings included, every second event is recorded. The device has protection against interference and does not respond, for example, on a wave of the hand or short-term loss of the beam.  

1. Wifi connection to send the data 2.4ghz 

2. Can be worked as a occupancy control system

3. Battery operated for truly wireless installation

4. Dual-Directional data

5. 1-8 meters detection range

6. Can be run on battery or USB powered 

Standalone or Network mode available 

1. standalone mode - Staff need to got to the counter to check the IN/OUT Data and manually record down

2. Network mode - Data is uploaded immediately to web and can be displayed on tablet , phone or pc monitor , the delay is about 20-40 seconds for update .

Can generate reports , set alarm level , run promotion texts etc .

comes with one year free web hosting 

onsite installation included 

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