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ARENA LEGGERO – STAR TREK EDITION -full surface mouse pad Gaming Table

Full-Surface Deskmat

The entire surface of the Arena Leggero is covered with a microfiber deskmat. It has a bottom with anti-slip rubber to ensure that it stays in place on top of a tough MDF board. 

Water-Resistant & Easy Clean

The full-surface deskmat is also water resistant, making clean up easy and simple. If you wish to have a more thorough cleaning, just throw in your machine washer at a low temperature & air dry afterwards.

Cable Management

The Arena Leggero has 3 cut outs on top of the surface that lead to a mesh basket that tightly held against the underside of the desk top for cable management. This system is easier to manage, out of the way, and looks great.

Monitor Attachment

The 3 cut outs in the deskmat & MDF board aren’t only for cable management but also to attach monitors.

Find Balance

The height of the Arena Leggero is at a fixed 72.5cm (28.5inches) and has 4 balance adjustment knobs below the legs to prevent the desk from wobbling and adapting to your personal environmen



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