5 in 1 Lightning to TF SD Card Reader USB Camera Adapter for iPhone iPad Air Pro

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A 5-IN-1 compact designed kit for using iPhone / iPad with external data transfer.


Certified Apple© Lightning adapter kit, built using only premium materials and the most advanced technology.

  • Plug and play, no need for an app.
  • Import the picture video from the SD/TF/U disk directly into the phone.
  • Connect the keyboard
  • Connect HUB
  • Connect the network card
  • Can charge/listen songs while reading the card

  • 5-IN-1 Adapter: This lightning adapter allows you to expand a lightning port to 5 ports - 3.5mm audio, SD card slot, TF card slot, lightning charging port and USB A, you can use this adapter to charge, listen, Extended storage.
  • 2 Card-Slots: With the TF card slot, you can back up files that you don't use often to TF cards. You can read them at any time with this adapter. In addition, just plug in the digital camera SD card to share or browse the camera. Content.
  • Universal USB port: You can plug in all USB-enabled devices to take full advantage of this port, connect the keyboard, type comfortably and efficiently, connect to a network router, more stable, faster network, connect camera, enjoy photos in real time, adapter makes you Can bring crazy ideas to this USB port.
  • Compact Design: This lightning card reader is small and lightweight, so you can easily slide it into your bag and it's a great companion when you travel.

Trouble-Shooting Tips

  • When connecting the product, it prompts “Does this accessory not supported”?
  • Improper product connection: please pull out the product and reinsert
  • The phone case is too thick: please remove the phone case and reinsert it.
  • No response when connecting U disk/SD/TF?
  • Transmission rate of 90 megabits per second;
  • SD/TF card capacity must be ≤ 64GB.
  • Importing video files requires attention to only support SD and HD video formats (H.264 or MPEG-4).
  • Is the display not supported when the keyboard is connected?
  • Keyboard current >100mAh. (This product only supports equipment connection with current ≤100mAh)
  • Connection RJ45 display is not supported?
  • Improper product connection: Please ensure that the RJ45 USB cable is connected to the USB interface of the product.

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