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4K HDMI Video Capture Card USB 3.0 Card Grabber

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The video capture card can both capture HDMI video and HDMI audio,sending audio and video signals to computers and smart phones for preview and storage.Suitable for high definition acquisition,teaching,recording,medical imaging,Game,Live Broadcast,Video Conference etc.


  • HDMI 1.4b Compatible
  • Support HDCP 1.4 and EDID
  • Support input max resolution 4K ([email protected]);
  • Support output max resolution 1080P ([email protected]);
  • Support deep color 8/10/12 or24/30/36 bit mode
  • SupportRGB444/YCBCR422/YCBCR444/YCBCR420 color space;
  • Support CEA-861/CEA-861-F video format
  • Support Windows7,8,10,Linux,Android and MacOS;
  •  USB Video and UVC standard Compatible;
  • USB Audio UAC standard Compatible;
  • No Extra External power supply;
  • Lengthened USB cable to reduce pressure on the weight which caused by plug to     HDMI input.(HDMI Plug Protection);



Third Party Acquisition Software Compatible:

  • OBS Studio(Windows,OS X)
  • Windows Media Encoder(Windows)
  • Adobe Flash Media Live-Encoder(Windows,OS X)
  • Real Producer Plus(Windows)
  • VLC(Windows,OS X,Linux)
  • QuickTime Broadcaster(OS X)
  • QuikTime Player(OS X)
  • Wirecast(Windows,OS X)
  • vMix(Windows)
  • Potplayer(Windows)

Connection and Operatiopn:

1: Connect the UHD signal source to the HDMI input of the video capture with one HDMI cable.

2:Connect the computer to the usb port of the video capture with usb cable.

3:Refer your computer operation system,choose right Third Party Acquisition Software

Computer Hardware requirements:

CPU:PU I5-3400 or Higher;NB I7-3537U 2.0GHZ or higher

Graphics Card:PC NVIDIA GT630 or higher;NC NVIDIA GT735M or higher

Memory:4G RAM

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