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Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag with Pixel Art Display-Black

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  • Features a built-in LED screen and a mobile APP that lets you draw animation, display favorite logos, and communicate with others on your sling
  • Create any pixel art animation easily via the Divoom mobile application, or you can convert GIF to display
  • You can also type in the message and display it on your Sling Bag. Best of all, you can search your desired design from the a massive online gallery, and interact with other pixel art fans around the world
  • Pixoo Sling bag protects your belonging with the water resistant material under tough weather condition
  • Pixoo sling bag is compatible with our remote control, where it will transform the sling into an indicator for the following traffic
  • You can also program different images and action to the remote buttons
  • Say good bye to the old school v-shape insert buckle. The manetic buckle is so easy to operate, and strong enough to hold your precioious cargos. Clip on, and clip off; you're good to go
  • Pixoo Slingbag features a dual sides open pocket to store your off-sized gears
  • Quick-access external storage from both sides of the bag
  • Perfect for storing water bottle, unbrella, or power bank
  • Water resistant internal material for wet unbrella
  • Pixoo Slingbag has a pair of exterior device strap. When latched, it will help to reduce the exterior size of the sling bag, and you can unlatch to create an extra interior space. Also, you can strap oversize gears, such as: DJI Osmo, Bike lock etc..

  • Pixel Art Creation
  • Weather Resistant
  • Safeguard your journey
  • Magnetic Quick Release Buckle
  • Semi-Open Storage
  • Exterior Device Strap
  • Detachable Keychain
  • Fast Release strap
  • Metal Logo
  • Expanding Stap
  • Reflective Sticker
  • 16 x 16 RGB LED Display
  • Frount and Rear Pockets
  • Slipknot Closure
  • Semi-Open Internal Storeage
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