Mobile accessories shop in Singapore

Mobile accessories shop in Singapore

Today, the mobile phone is more than a tool to make calls; it is a lifestyle! While phone manufacturers make standard phones for users, phone accessories make each phone versatile. It is because of the value addition mobile phone accessories bring to users that create the phone accessory value chain all over the world. And like every product, phone accessories are in various qualities and style. Therefore, it is the buyer's responsibility to find a reliable phone accessories shop to buy what they need.

Luckily for phone buyers’ users around the world, you are not limited to buying your accessories. In fact, people can buy their accessories from trusted stores online where there are no credible local sellers. However, due to the lack of information, most times we leave the best mobile phone accessories shop in our backyard to look elsewhere.

In this case, if you live in Singapore or you need a trusted mobile phone accessories shop, this article will introduce a reliable resource for all your mobile phone needs.

Meet Minisq Lifestyle Gadgets

I know your phone mean a lot to you because so is mine. Anything that is worth doing, of course, its worth doing well and this is why you need to pay close attention to what Minisq mobile phone accessories can do for you.

You are in luck if you live in Singapore or the surrounding areas because you can visit the store to get what you want. There is no problem if you are in international customer because shipping your accessories is only a two-business-day away.

What type of accessories can you get from Minisq Lifestyle Gadgets?

The shop offers wide-ranging mobile phone accessories, majoring in new and branded phones with a policy to make sure you get what you want. Exceeding customer’s expectation is the central focus of Minisq, and they have been doing this with utmost dedication for over 12 years. Therefore, if you need any of the following accessories for your mobile phone, you can place your order without fear:

  • Headphone & Speakers: including Earphones, Headphones, Smart Earbuds, And Earphone Accessories;
  • Mobile Accessories: including Phone Casings, Power Banks, Wireless Chargers, Car Chargers, Travel Adapters, Charging Cables;
  • Memory Cards such as Memory Cards;
  • Gadgets including Camera, GPS, IP Camera, Travel Router;
  • And assorted Toys.

Minisq lifestyle gadgets serve customers in Singapore and international audience. The only difference in the service they provide is the location. In term of quality customer service and the guarantee to deliver a high-quality product, you can expect an unfailing quality service across the board in their handling of every order whether for local or international customers.

Apart from selling mobile accessories, Minisq lifestyle gadgets provide customer education where you can ask questions and follow up on issues relating to mobile phone and accessories. 

The phone accessories shop is located at 03-58/59/60 square 2, Novena, 10 Sinaran Drive Singapore 307506, Singapore. If you need further information about their product or your shipment, you can contact the store on their phone at (65) 63976410 or leave a message using the contact us page; better still you can visit the online frequently asked questions page to know more.

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